Train-the-Trainer Program

Working with ArcFM

Clients who plan to train a large number of employees on our standard five-day Working with ArcFM course should consider the option of our Train-the-Trainer program. One advantage of this program is that a client instructor is trained to conduct the ArcFM class, thus significantly lowering training costs.

The program consists of two week-long sessions in which the client trainer(s) are given personal attention and information on lessons learned regarding specific classroom and training issues.

  • The first week is a five-day class with the client trainer(s) only. They are instructed in both course data and techniques for presenting the course.
  • The second week is a five-day training class that contains 6-12 students from the client organization and is taught by the client trainer(s) with the Telvent instructor serving in a support role to address difficult questions and guide the overall training process.
  • Upon completion of this series of instruction, the client's trainer(s) are officially certified as Authorized Telvent Trainer(s) and are provided hard-copy training materials with an accompanying resource CD. For future classes, the authorized trainer(s) must purchase manual sets for each student through Telvent. This arrangement is further detailed in a license agreement with Telvent.
Item Cost
Each trainer (includes cost of training materials) $3200
Each student in the second week training class $1000
Cost per student manual
(for future classes)
Telvent trainer expenses Varies: Includes cost of travel and stay.
*Estimate only, billed at actual cost.


A company has 30 employees to train. If a Telvent instructor were to deliver this training on-site, the client would pay:

30 students x $2000 each $60,000
Telvent trainer expenses (two weeks on site) $5000*
TOTAL $65,000


Alternatively, the company could train one of its own employees to become an authorized trainer.

Train own trainer (week one) $3200
Train 12 of the 30 co-workers in the following week ($1000/student) $12,000
18 manuals for remaining co-workers ($250/manual) $4500
Telvent trainer expenses (two weeks on site) $5000*
TOTAL $24,700



Here are a few additional items to think about when considering whether to utilize our Train-the-Trainer program:

  • Does the client have a designated trainer, technical lead, or manager who can allocate 40 hours to training when a class is needed?
  • Does the client have on-going training needs - needs beyond training an initial group? For example, will there be future hires or promoted employees who will need training?
  • Are there at least 20 students to train?
  • Does the client have the technical resources (computers) and space to conduct training?
  • Does the client need custom training modules on organization-specific customizations to its implementation of ArcFM?
  • Does the client plan to deliver our standard five-day Working with ArcFM course?


Please contact our Education Department for more information: