Telvent’s GIS Education Program

Education Overview

Just as yesterday’s models and practices no longer meet competitive requirements, yesterday's closed, proprietary enterprise GIS solutions can limit the growing, changing organization. The key to the successful implementation of today is flexibility and power, built on industry-standard components that enable people and organizations. The Telvent solution is designed to evolve with the organization and to anticipate changes in GIS technology. If enterprise GIS is going to meet strategic needs, it must become an effective part of a changing IT landscape.

At Telvent, we realize that a successful implementation does not end with software installation and data conversion. It requires knowledge. Therefore, preparing and training your end-users for a productive future with Telvent’s software is one of our highest priorities. Telvent has quality instructors with extensive GIS backgrounds and well-rounded teaching experiences which help develop and deliver balanced, directed, and engaging courses.

The principal goal of our education team is two-fold: aggregate knowledge into course materials; and disseminate that knowledge effectively to your end-users, regardless of their skill level.

Our education team believes simplicity is the most direct and efficient way to foster an effective learning environment. Our team has one commitment: your success. That means developing instructor-led classes, designing new courses for your changing needs, encouraging and incorporating student suggestions in the classroom, developing programs which allow you to tailor your client-site training, and providing options to further the personal and professional development of your users.

"Excellent presentation, excellent material, GREAT course!"
Janell M. Ross, Mississippi Power

"Outstanding instructor, a very effective orator who clearly had an overwhelming knowledge of the product."
Gary Tait, City of Tallahassee

"Overall course was very informative. The instructor's knowledge of the software was unbelievable. [The instructor] seemed to know every feature or tool and its ability to manipulate our data."
Eric Odom, Orangeburg Department of Public Utilities

"Excellent course for anyone new to the ArcGIS/ ArcFM world."
Kyle Williams, Advantica Stoner

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is modular training?

Telvent’s GIS education team has a unique approach to technical software education: modular components. Students receive instruction in a standard set of ArcFM component topics, which ensures reliable and consistent training from user to user, and class to class.

How flexible is your training program?

If you choose to conduct training at your site, Telvent’s Tailored Training option allows you considerable flexibility of course content. Because each topic series in our courses is independent of the others, it is possible to tailor your client-site training towards the specific requirements of your end-users. You may choose to augment the core topic components with the standard components, or add components from our growing library of available topics.

What is tailored training?

Telvent is aware that the GIS industry is evolving, and therefore we provide tailored training programs to fit your organization's needs. For more information on training options and costs, contact the education team at Telvent.

Can the training grow with my company?

We realize that just because you may only have two users now, doesn't mean you won't have 100 users later. The component structure of our training allows for new users to be introduced to ArcFM tools, and familiar users to take advantage of new components.

What kind of training is right for me and my organization?

Whether you have one user or 100, whether you require immediate standard training or fully customized training materials, Telvent’s GIS training program offers a solution for your specific needs. The following scenarios will assist you in formulating a training option for your situation.


Few Users / Standard Training
  • 5 or fewer users
  • Training at Telvent
  • Standard topic components
More Users/ Standard Training
  • 6 or more users
  • Training at Telvent or client-site
  • Standard topic components
More Users/ Tailored Training
  • 8 or more users
  • Training at client-site only
  • Core topic components
  • Additional components
Many Users/ Train-the-Trainer
  • 30 or more users
  • Train-the-trainer program
  • Your designated trainers (we suggest one trainer per 30 students)
  • Team teach with your trainers and users
  • Core and standard component topics

What if I need my training customized?

The education team is always available to assist you in developing custom materials and training programs should you require them for your enterprise.

What courses will be offered in the future?

Currently under development are the following courses:

  • Working with Designer - Water
  • Responder

I am a business partner. What do I need to know about the recommended training?

Business partners are strongly encouraged to take the Working with ArcFM, Configuring ArcFM, and Customizing ArcFM courses. All training is provided at a 25% discount to domestic business partners and their staff. Business partners are asked to provide their own computers for the training sessions. The purpose for having you bring your own computer is to ensure that you have the necessary technical requirements to adequately support ArcFM users. For a complete list of hardware/software requirements, please contact the Education Department.

For more information about Telvent GIS training, please contact