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ArcFM Viewer

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The keys to a successful business implementation are flexibility, rapid deployment, and easy access to information. Telvent’s ArcFM Viewer, part of the ArcFM Solution, provides a cost-effective, fast data browser to leverage and access all forms of enterprise GIS information within a utility.

ArcFM Viewer can be run on ESRI's ArcEngine or ArcView*. The ArcEngine-based version provides for a powerful yet very inexpensive, small footprint viewing solution. The ArcView-based version allows a user to have access to all of the robust view, query, and analysis tools found in ArcView.

ArcFM Viewer provides a high-performance, robust query and display tool without the expense of a full editing package. Utility executives, managers, customer service representatives, and contractors all need the ability to analyze the asset data maintained by ArcFM. With ArcFM Viewer, utility personnel can view, trace, and query data to help minimize cost or optimize the investment in maintenance and construction to get the most from the facility network.

ArcFM Viewer is also ideal for personnel in the field. The ArcFM Personal Geodatabase Extraction tool allows an ArcFM user to export selected data from the ArcSDE geodatabase to a personal geodatabase. This extracted information may be used in the field with ArcFM Viewer on a tablet or laptop computer, allowing field crews to visualize and identify vital facility information from any location. Users already familiar with ArcFM will benefit from the common architecture and interface found within ArcFM Viewer. In addition, custom tools built for ArcFM are available in ArcFM Viewer.

*ArcView or ArcEngine sold separately by ESRI.


  • Cost Effective:
    Offers the power of ArcFM in a small footprint.
  • Powerful:
    Allows access to ArcFM geodatabase information along with powerful network tracing and query tools.
  • Convenient:
    ArcFM Viewer leverages the same viewing interface as ArcFM.

ArcFM Viewer comprises ArcFM's view, query, and tracing functionality. The components include:

  • Locator Tools - ArcFM Viewer provides full functionality to locate features based on the ArcFM display field, XY coordinates, or specific attributes.
  • Stored Displays - This tool allows the user to set the standard symbology for features to be saved in the database rather than needing to pass/share a map document. Users may easily select a new collection of layers without closing/opening a new document. All Stored Displays defined for the ArcFM implementation are automatically available in ArcFM Viewer. For example, utilities can view different displays for electric vs. gas vs. water/wastewater networks.
  • Multiple Map Display Tabs - This tool (available in the ArcEngine version only) allows users to have multiple stored displays visible on multiple tabs. Multiple tabs can be displayed horizontally or vertically.
  • Page Templates - Page layout templates, created in page layout mode in ArcMap, allow a user to define the size, orientation and graphic elements of a map document. Users may easily select a page template for their map layout without opening/closing a new document.
  • Trace Solvers - Electric trace solvers allow users to trace electric distribution systems by phase and trace protective devices both upstream and downstream. Gas and water trace solvers depict natural gas or water as it flows through the distribution system. Utilities may also trace pressure systems, cathodic protection systems or trace lines to identify valves for emergency isolation.
  • Geodatabase Extraction Tool - This tool allows ArcFM users to export selected data from the ArcSDE geodatabase to be used as a personal geodatabase with ArcFM or ArcFM Viewer.
ArcFM Viewer
ArcFM Viewer