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Utility personnel need the ability to quickly layout sketches and markup map features for update as part of their daily work. Telvent’s Redliner Extension for ArcFM Viewer provides comprehensive redlining and sketching functionality within the ArcFM Solution. Users can now view, query, trace, AND quickly markup data to help optimize the investment in maintenance and construction from the facility network.

With the Redliner extension, utility users have all of the functionality of ArcFM Viewer at their disposal along with the ability to redline, sketch, and place graphics to support initial design, inspection work, or map adjustments. Users can initiate redlining sessions using ArcFM’s Session Manager in the office or in the field, and apply a combination of digital ink and graphics for markups. Sessions can be sent back to the enterprise GIS to be incorporated into the workflow for updates. A graphics palette allows personnel to quickly and easily place graphic and standard text elements in support of sketch editing and design.

The Redliner extension can be deployed by both field and enterprise-based desktop users in cases where full geodatabase editing is not necessary.


  • Cost Effective:
    Economical solution that fits into the utility enterprise GIS workflow for mobile and desktop
  • Easy to Use:
    Support for digital ink and pick-and-place graphics and text
  • Leveraging the ArcFM Solution:
    Offers the power of ArcFM Viewer plus redlining and sketching

ArcFM Viewer with Redliner Extension comprises the functionality found in ArcFM Viewer with the addition of the following components:

  • Graphics tab allows users to select standard graphic elements or text for placement on the map
  • Graphics favorites library allows users to create standard text and graphic elements
  • Support for digital ink to write notes and add symbols
  • Full integration with ArcFM’s Session Manager or Designer’s Workflow Manager allows for graphic sessions to be moved back and forth from the desktop to the field within the ArcFM framework
  • Specific workflows can be configured to allow sessions to be sent to other personnel for approval or forwarding
  • Graphics can be stored as annotation or as graphics


Redliner Digital Ink
Redliner Digital Ink