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The ArcFM™ Solution is pre-configured and includes a set of basic services for data conversion and deployment of the application. In addition, a MultiSpeak interface is provided to support Engineering Analysis using Network Adapter. The configured schema comes with default attribute values, domains, snapping rules, symbology, and all other "configurable" rules already pre-defined. This also includes configuration rules for the various product tools that are provided with ArcFM. To serve as an example of the schema loaded with data, a sample geodatabase is provided.

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Telvent standardized an off-the-shelf database structure based on feedback from a large user community and the MultiSpeak vendor group. With this input, Telvent employed a 3-step strategy in developing the data model:

  • Address the core requirements for utilities with a finite set of database feature classes and relationships to ease the GIS implementation process and improve performance and maintainability.
  • Simplify the implementation of interfacing GIS with other software applications by leveraging a standardized XML data document structure.
  • Ensure that the data model is extendable and code independent thus allowing for data model enhancements without the need for product customization.


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An ArcFM solution with improved design processes. The Designer product has been enhanced to incorporate the RUS (Rural Utilities Service agency) standard assembly library for improved design of work requests and cost estimate creation. To further improve design workflow in the field, a Staking Sheet creation tool has been added that references the assembly code information.

An ArcFM Solution with a MultiSpeak approach for integration with Engineering Analysis software packages. Leveraging the Network Adapter product, the integration solution utilizes the MultiSpeak Version 2.0 XML schema specification.

Telvent's ArcFM Solution Benefits

Telvent, the ArcFM Solution developer and a world leader in the implementation of GIS software for utilities, offers a solution providing both tangible and intangible benefits that can be realized in the long-term life of the system.

  • Out-of-the-Box configured data model and application that can be implemented with minimum effort, saving time and money on an implementation while still leveraging an industry-leading solution.
  • Stable and Mature solution in its eleventh release, representing well over three years of developing and deploying enterprise applications at water and energy utilities. We are the market leader.
  • Based on an Open Architecture platform built on standard, open components, using commercially available database technology and programming tools.
  • Other Disciplines Can Be Added since the ArcFM Solution supports managing other facilities including gas, transmission, and water/waste water.
  • Accessible, Up-to-date, Accurate and Reliable Information based on efficient automated map updating procedures, capacity and condition monitoring, and maintenance and construction activity-related labor, materials and equipment tracking.
  • Increased Productivity resulting from more efficient map updating procedures, reduction of time spent tracking information, increasingly effective management of labor and material resources, and the ability to compile and report information more rapidly.
  • Improved Coordination Between Departments due to application interfaces utilizing the MultiSpeak 2.0 specification provided by ArcFM. A utility can leverage the investment in geodatabase data and continue to support further business analysis by sharing data and maps across multiple applications and between divisions, sections, operating districts, as well as municipal departments.
  • Better Service to Government Users and the General Public with efficient processing of information using an Enterprise GIS, thus providing quicker response to government and public inquiries.
  • Economizing the Use of Resources from lower operating costs compared to the continued use of conventional manual processes.
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The ArcFM Solution is affordable and makes it easy to meet your business needs.

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