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Utility users need flexible, scalable solutions to support various needs when “going mobile” with GIS facility data. No matter what the field task is, ArcFM Mobile solutions give you everything you need, from viewing and querying facility information, tracing your network, making redline changes and markups, and editing features and attributes, to creating and as-builting work order designs.

ArcFM Mobile solutions contain the products and features to support this entire range of functionality, plus the ability to tailor the user experience to support any type of user skill set. Mobile deployment options within ArcFM Mobile solutions are listed in the table below.

Objective ArcFM SolutionArcGIS
View ArcFM Viewer ArcView or ArcGIS Engine
Simple Graphics/ Redlining ArcFM Viewer with Redliner ArcView or ArcGIS Engine
Attribute Updating ArcFM Viewer with Inspector ArcGIS Engine & ArcGIS Geodatabase Update
Edit features in the field, supplement with graphics and digital ink ArcFM, Session Manager ArcEditor
Design in the field, supplement with graphics and digital ink Designer, Workflow Manager ArcEditor



It is important to understand the objectives of ArcFM Mobile solutions and the advantages of these products over the competition. Our technology:

  • Is easy to use
  • Provides a Single Computing Environment for field and desktop
  • Leverages component architecture (both ArcGIS and ArcFM Solution) for maintenance and training
  • Leverages ArcGIS versioning on an enterprise geodatabase
  • Provides a configurable interface to support a range of user skills
  • Makes data synchronization fast and transparent to the end user
  • Ensures flexibility to support various process flows

Geodatabase Replication

Geodatabase Replication provides Mobile users of ArcFM, Designer, ArcFM Viewer, Inspector or Redliner with access to the most recent data in the enterprise ArcSDE geodatabase. The tool allows users to synchronize geodatabases quickly by limiting the updates included in the replica to changes since the previous update.

Administrators have the ability to configure multiple replica processes to support a variety of business needs including enterprise ArcSDE to personal geodatabases and filters to limit the replica to a dataset, a spatial area, specific feature classes, or any combination thereof. Clients may subscribe to specific replicas, receiving updates at a specified interval or on request, allowing different clients to be given only the features or geography they require.

Mobile Components

  • Backdrop Geodatabase is a personal geodatabase on the field units that contains a snapshot of in-place facilities made from an as-built version. It is kept current by regular extractions. Users can create subsets of the entire service territory to support specific administrator areas.
  • Mobile Packet contains the information that needs to go to and from the field and includes the features, graphics, and other relevant data (e.g. compatible units).
  • File Transport is the transport mechanism to send and receive via FTP or network file copy. The files are compressed and only contain delta changes.
  • Data Synchronization is the means to synchronize the data contained in the packets with the enterprise and field geodatabases based on a configurable workflow.


Mobile Components
Mobile Components