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Telvent's ArcFM™ product suite adds value to ArcGIS®, ESRI's market-leading geographic information systems software. Our business partner ESRI established itself as a market leader with the 1991 release of ArcView geographic information system (GIS) and in 1997, embarked on an ambitious research project to reengineer all of its GIS software as a series of COM (Component Object Model) objects.

With the release of ArcGIS, users could benefit from the most powerful and comprehensive set of GIS and mapping software options available. Telvent and ESRI have dedicated themselves to continued development to maintain ArcGIS's role as the world's leading enterprise GIS platform.

Designed for electric, gas, water and wastewater utilities, Telvent applications gain leverage for enterprise GIS through the use of open technology. Three key components of this strategy are the Open Development Environment, Open Databases, and COM technology. All Telvent application software for the utility takes advantage of this object-oriented architecture and provides for fully networked solutions in a client-server environment.

With Telvent's ArcFM enterprise solution, utility businesses can edit, view, map and manage spatial data in a multi-utility context. Its integrated environment and scalable architecture offer a solution for both project GIS and large multi-departmental businesses, providing the capability to access and use data that reside anywhere on the network.

Our products help utilities produce more accurate and efficient designs, turn around projects faster, and maintain data more effectively. The tools available include easy-to-use desktop interfaces, as well as sophisticated client/server software with a programmable Application Programming Interface (API). The ArcFM suite was developed using VB6, C++ and C#, these languages can also be used for customization and extension of the applications.

Telvent Solution Components

The following suite of products is intended for the creation and maintenance of electric, gas, fiber optic, water and wastewater facility databases, map preparation, and network model analysis for the utility.

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ArcFM™ is a complete GIS utility solution for modeling, editing, maintaining, and managing facility asset data both in the field and on the desktop. It serves as a powerful extension to ESRI's ArcGIS® for electric, gas, and water/wastewater utilities. ArcFM includes tracing tasks to automate utility operations, an extensive set of editing tools such as automated snapping and attribute inheritance, complex features and user favorite creation. ArcFM also has tools to quickly define and recall map sheet collections for map production. Users can also create and edit a session in the field, then send it back to the enterprise to be used for editing the enterprise geodatabase through the use of Session Manager.

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ArcFM Viewer is available on ESRI's ArcView or ArcEngine and provides a high-performance, robust query and display component without the expense of a full editing package. Utility executives, managers, customer service representatives, and contractors all need the ability to analyze the asset data maintained by ArcFM. With ArcFM Viewer, utility personnel can view, trace, and query data in the field or on the desktop to help optimize the investment in maintenance and construction to get the most from the facility network.

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Conduit Manager is an extension to the ArcFM™ Solution to support underground facilities management. It is an integrated set of tools and dialogs to add, annotate, and maintain the underground infrastructure of the utility network system. Conduit Manager provides the functionality for defining an underground system with duct banks, trenches, conduits, cross-sections, underground cables, and underground access structures, as well as support for duct availability tracing.

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Designer improves the ability of a utility to design and track distribution projects and maintain GIS data. Designer can be deployed as a mobile or enterprise solution and supports cost estimating, work flow management, structural and network analysis, automated layouts, and much more. Designer's open architecture and full integration support with Work Management or Enterprise Resource Planning systems allow for easy implementation to support the life cycle of a job. Users can also create and edit a design in the field, then send it back to the enterprise through the use of Workflow Manager.

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Fiber Manager is designed to allow editors to quickly and intuitively create, connect, and manage fiber optic systems within a geographic information system (GIS). The solution comes with an integrated toolset that provides users with editing, connectivity, analysis, and reporting capabilities. Key features include a Connection Manager tool, which allows a user to quickly establish and inspect connections within splice enclosures, patch panels, optical network devices, and passive optic network (PON) splitters; a Circuit Manager, which lets the user establish a named optical path from one part of the network to another; and OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) traces, which can be used to precisely pinpoint the location of an outage in the system using fiber connectivity and system length data.

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Telvent's Inspector Extension for ArcFM Viewer allows mobile and desktop users to edit existing feature attributes and manage related objects to support workflows for inspections, joint-use attachments, cathodic protection, pole surveys, transformer audits, leak detection, damage assessments, and overall updating of attribute data. Inspector provides a low cost solution for editing feature attributes based on the ArcGIS Engine technology.

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Network Adapter is an ArcFM-based interface to popular interactive network analysis tools from third party vendors such as CYME, Milsoft, PTI, and Advantica Stoner. It provides tools to extract a model and pass the associated features and load data to an analysis engine using XML. The analysis results can also be viewed directly within the ArcFM™ Solution. Network Adapter allows integration of multiple calculations and measurements such as voltage drop, load flow, fault current, motor-starting, transformer load management, and many more.

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ArcFM Viewer with Redliner Extension allows users to leverage the benefits of ArcFM Viewer with the additional capability of redlining, sketching, and placing graphics. Utility personnel can use the Redliner Extension for the support of initial design, inspection work, or map adjustments. Redlining Sessions can be used either in the office or the field utilizing a combination of digital ink and graphics for markup. Sessions created with redlining can then be synced to the enterprise GIS for incorporation into a workflow.

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Responder is a GIS-hosted OMS that leverages .NET and ASP technology to enable trouble call and outage incident management in a web-based, scalable, and configurable desktop environment. The Responder Trouble Call Analysis (TCA) Engine uses a sophisticated and iterative prediction algorithm to determine which interruptible network device caused an outage. High performance GIS display capabilities allow utility personnel to have a spatial view of the locations of trouble calls enabling analysis of outages and immediate dispatch of crews. The application also supports historical archiving and performance indices reporting.

Responder Call Entry

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ArcFM Server supplements ArcGIS Server for the development of customized applications that allow viewing and editing of ArcFM data in either an enterprise and web environment. This technology allows organizations to implement transaction-based systems and ArcFM functions embedded into server-centric architectures. ArcFM Server may be deployed to a large number of users with a single license. Developer kits include support for editing and business rule enforcement, model names, and ArcFM properties.

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ArcFM Solution Architecture for the Energy Utilities

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ArcFM Solution Architecture for the Water Utilities

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