Conduit Manager

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Utilities must have the ability to effectively manage underground network systems. Business functions such as duct space joint use, call-before-you-dig, and cable placements are important revenue-earnings and savings activities that require supporting information. By managing underground facilities using sophisticated, intuitive functions to accurately track where cables are located and placed in conduit, these business processes can be realized.

Telvent has developed Conduit Manager as an extension to the ArcFM Solution to support underground facilities management. Conduit Manager is an integrated set of tools and dialogs to add, annotate, and maintain the underground infrastructure of the utility network system. Conduit Manager provides the functionality for defining an underground system with duct banks, trenches, conduits, cross-sections, underground cables, and underground access structures. Once the underground system is built, users can leverage the tracing queries to determine duct availability based on various criteria. All features managed by Conduit Manager are available for viewing in ArcFM Viewer.


Conduit Manager Configuration
The Conduit Configuration Dialog


Conduit Manager builds on the following advantages:

  • Intuitive GUI
  • Easy-to-use
  • Simplifies underground facility management
  • Cost-effective
  • Enhances the quality and consistency of underground data maintenance

With Conduit Manager users can represent the following underground components on the map:

  • Add conduit system structure such as a trench or duct bank
  • Add additional cross-sections (views) of the conduit
  • Add an underground conductor
  • Add an underground cable (non-electric) or pipe
  • Add internal view of a manhole or vault
  • Adapt converted data to the Conduit Manager model
  • Select circular or rectangular duct shapes
  • Place an annotated, cross-section view of the conduit system
  • Place and edit a leader line
  • Place and manage ducts within ducts
  • Change annotation format
  • Duct-in-duct size domain checking
  • Duct bank configuration annotation placement options
  • Lasso tool for relating a group of conductors (or cables) to a conduit and displaying annotation
  • Allow one phase of a cable to be associated with a duct and one cable to be associated with multiple ducts
  • Query Conduit Manager ducts based on criteria such as availability, size, material, occupancy, etc.
  • Set duct query criteria and report available ducts


Creation of Manhole Diagram
Creation of Manhole Diagram